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The first step is to attend your New Patient Consultation and Exam. In this appointment, you will complete a thorough consultation and examination with one of the doctors. We believe the body is capable of healing itself if given the chance. In your consultation and examination, we want to try and begin to understand “why isn’t this body healing itself? What’s the root cause keeping it from successfully healing itself?” This appointment is designed to help the doctor understand what is causing your problem, and what your “win” is – how we can BEST serve you and support you towards the end result you want. At this phase, we will recommend and explain any and all diagnostics we believe are necessary to understand the ROOT cause of the problem that is causing your symptoms.


After initial diagnostics are completed, the doctor and staff will research the issue in an attempt to get to the root cause of your problem. We don’t want to fix the symptoms – we want to fix the causes of the symptoms. The doctor will spend time reviewing your diagnostics and conducting the appropriate research to understand your problem, and how they believe it could be solved in the fastest, most economical way possible.

If you get X-Ray diagnostics, your results will be marked up using an advanced digital marking system that allows you to visually see curvature and alignment, complete with a comprehensive report that make specific recommendations. Blood test diagnostics measure over 870 different biomarkers, many of which are not utilized more measured in “traditional” blood tests. You receive a comprehensive, custom report that makes specific recommendations based on your results.


You will return for your second appointment, your Report of Findings. In this appointment, the doctor will review your diagnostic results and explain what is causing the symptoms you are experiencing. This appointment is highly educational, and helps you understand the “why” behind whatever problem or issue you are experiencing.

If the doctor qualifies you as a candidate for care, and you would like a plan to solve these problems, the doctor can prepare a plan to address these issues and how you might work together to solve the root cause of the problem and support you in pursuing your goals.

A Plan For Health

When you become a patient at Thrive Health Systems, you receive much more than a simple treatment or a therapy – you receive a Plan For Health. This Plan is the guiding document that is designed to get you from your “Point A” – your starting point, the place where you have pain, problems, and symptoms you do not want – to your “Point B” – the place where you want to arrive, the end result you are looking for at the end of your health journey.

Your plan will be designed by your doctor, and will be modified as you progress through care depending on how your individual body responds to treatment. It is custom-tailored to your unique body, your conditions, your challenges, and your specific goals. The therapies included in your plan are there because your doctor has identified those therapies as the most likely to help you reach your goal, and do it as quickly and economically as possible.

Your plan is designed to be a compass – the “road map” that you and the doctor will follow to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

Our Goal For You:
Measurable Progress In Reasonable Time

One of the reasons we use advanced diagnostics is to chart your progress over time. There will be milestones along the way to you getting the result you want. We want to be able to measure those milestones, all the way to a successful finish.

There are specific indicators – whether on an x-ray, blood work, or any other diagnostics – that have been identified as “Key Indicators” to health. When those indicators are out of range, it tells us there is a problem, and is likely the root cause of symptoms. We don’t want to treat the symptom- we want to treat the root cause, the Key Indicator that is out of alignment and causing the symptoms you experience. When you fix the root cause of a problem, the symptoms tend to take care of themselves.

We will “benchmark” where you start, and we will re-measure the specific indicators that your doctor believes are causing your problems throughout the course of your Plan. We want to see measurable progress in a reasonable amount of time, and as quickly as possible. If we do not see progress, the doctor will stop the plan and evaluate what needs to be done to troubleshoot the issue and get it back on course.

Get A Plan For Health, And Get Your Life Back

Case Study

Sarah V. - Colorado Springs

​Original complaints:
– Pain And Inflammation
– Fatigue, Brain Fog, Unexplained Weight Gain

Initial Bloodwork Results:

After Protocol Results:
99% Pain Free. No More Hashimotos

In Sarah’s Words:

I found my way to Thrive in need of help with horrible back spasms after having our baby. Pregnancy had been absolutely horrible with preeclampsia developing at week 24, nausea the entire pregnancy and severe joint and back pain, tinnitus, iritis, and inflammation. At a point, I was unable to use my wrists and hands. I knew something was off big time. I did bloodwork and it revealed Hashimotos, Rheumatoid Factor elevated, and signs of autoimmune issues. I was having a horrible time losing weight. I could not workout because I was so sick.

Inflammation was severely high and I felt horrible. I could not live! My Anti-TG was at 326. I had IBS and a handful of foods I was sensitive to. A hair metal analysis showed extreme amounts of Lead, Antimony, Thallium and Tin in my system. I had breast implants for 4 years and they were poisoning me. I explanted and embarked on an extensive detox for 9 mo, both nutritionally and for heavy metals. I had been receiving chiropractic treatment for a year before finding the metals and getting aggressive with getting better and healing!

It was hard as it stirred up so much sickness but I knew I was healing! Getting all that out. The doctors were amazing as was the entire staff and team, to ensure I was supported fully and got the help I needed. I love the team at Thrive!!

I am SO grateful I came to Thrive for help. My most recent bloodwork in August revealed everything in normal range ( there were many out of line when I started) including a complete disappearance of Hashimotos! Anti TG dropped from 326 to 20!!!!! I feel so much better. Symptoms are 99% gone as are the heavy metals. I have been able to get more in tune with my body and even see that when my neck hurts, it’s partly because of my lymph system being backed up. Free it up and the pain subsides. I love what I’ve learned about myself and how to maintain my health. I am now free to focus on my 2 year old daughter and the residing weight loss.

In The Doctor’s Words:

Patient had a history of 7 previous MVA’s (Motor Vehical Accident). She had also just delivered her baby 3 weeks prior to her new patient appointment. She had a difficult pregnancy that continued into delivery, included preclampsia, was in labor for a total of 4 days. Original complaints: not being able to pick her baby up without pain. She was unable to lay down, and was having to sleep in a recliner. She had right-sided back pain, and had no idea of what the cause might be. Had brain fog, low energy, was frustrated with unexplained weight gain. Her labs revealed “Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis”, an autoimmune disorder where her body’s immune system was mistakenly attacking her own thyroid tissue (see below: her Anti-TG antibodies were 326.3, and they should be less than 115). She went through protocol and even suffered a few setbacks along the way. We even had to restart the detox at one point, and had to extend the protocol at another point… but she kept fighting and she made it all the way through, with A+ compliance. Her thyroid antibodies (Anti-TG) went from 326.3 down to 20.7 (normal = <115) over a period of 9 months, and thus, her Hashimoto’s is no more 🙂

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